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Our Mission

Info Bastion believes that data shouldn't be difficult. That's why we made Bastilon: so your data can be secure, shareable, portable, and observable through a single user friendly interface. 

Our Story

Info Bastion started with a love for data. Our team had worked on data projects for years: designing, building, and implementing data solutions for large government agencies such as the Department of Defense and Census Bureau.  

Like many successful products, we built Bastilon to "scratch our own itch".  Many of the tools and features of Bastilon were built to solve specific problems that we encountered in the course of building massive data systems. 

Our engineers believe in making great things together. Our focus on collaboration influenced many aspects of the Bastilon product suite, including query sharing, monitoring, and push-button documentation generation. 


Our team has over 80 years combined experience in the field of data processing, working on some the biggest data sets and trickiest problems in the field. 

Experienced Leadership

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