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Dive Into Data with

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Database Migration

Bastilon allows you to move your data wherever you need it. Move to the cloud, without being vendor locked, move to a hybrid cloud, or move from one on-prem system to another. The choice is yours. 

Data Ingestion

 Ingest data from multiple sources, including all major database types, CSV, Excel, and more. Load data from other Bastilon users for seamless collaboration. 

Security at every level

Classify data elements to protect your data at the lowest levels. Set role based access controls (RBAC) for complete control over user access to data. Obfuscate login credentials to enable zero trust architecture.  

Peerless Ease of Use

Fly through all your data with a unified user interface. Share queries with coworkers for easy collaboration. Generate database documentation with the push of a button. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Bastilon integrates with all major database types, every cloud provider, and common file formats such as Excel and CSV. You can take data from anywhere, and move it anywhere else. Moving data around is easy, user friendly, and doesn't require commitment to any single cloud provider. 

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