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The New Standard
in Data Exchange Operations

View, move, transform, share, and protect your data in one platform with Bastilon 

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Embrace the future of data-driven success with Bastilon today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business. Gain a competitive edge, make informed decisions, and drive transformative growth like never before. Trust us to be your partner in optimizing your data's utility and propelling your business towards unprecedented achievements.

Migration Modernization

Moving your database into the Cloud has never been easier. Non-vendor locked destination, so you can move your data where it's needed.

Data Visibility Acceleration

Dig into your data using our Bastilon Viewer application or connect a BI tool of your choice to our APIs.

Versatility in Application

Your source. Your target. Your data. Whatever it is, Bastilon empowers you to take full control of your data, making it work effortlessly for you.

Peerless Customer Experience 

Maximize the value of your data with our robust  services. From streamlining data management to facilitating secure sharing, Bastilon is your ultimate ally in unleashing the true power of your information.

Data Management, Elevated.
Unleash your data's potential.

Are you looking for a seamless way to manage and share data across your organization? Bastilon is the all-in-one data exchange platform that streamlines data management for everyone, from data analysts to the C-Suite. With Bastilon, you can effortlessly classify your data, control user access, and generate compliance documentation at the push of a button. Our advanced transformation capabilities let you migrate between databases with ease, regardless of their type or platform. Best of all, our user-friendly Web APIs enable seamless integration of Bastilon into your existing workflow.

What Can Bastilon Accomplish for You?


See your data without the overhead of clunky Database Management tools.


Locked into an expensive database contract? Move it any where else using our tool suite.


Whether you want to consolidate your data or maintain a constantly growing DB Bastilon will keep it organized.


With executives, with analysts, with clients... share your data effortlessly, while maintaining insight on how it's used.


User roles, customized data tagging, data usage alerts, your data is safe in your hands.

Our Partners

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Ready to revolutionize your data management? Reach out to our expert team and discover how Bastilon secure data mesh can transform your organization's data exchange operations today!

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